Choosing the right Belt for your Conveyor – A daunting task?

So your next conveyor project is around the corner and you have to start thinking on what type of Belt you want to use. There are many considerations to take into account. Weight, surface area and material of the product, total weight of goods on the conveyor at any one time, speed of transport, roller diameters, safety issues, technical variables, external factors and other things have to be considered.

We generally start with the product size and weight in mind. Heavy products and goods with sharp edges may have to go with a modular belt.  That’s because modular belts are abrasion resistant and slippage between belt and rollers is not possible.

Everything else should be ok with a fabric type belt. Again, we start with the product that needs to be conveyed in mind. Depending on the product we can choose from standard PVC belts, Food-grade, Oil resistant, high temperature and many other specialized belt options. On top of that the size of the rollers may influence the type of belt to use.  Knife-edge conveyors need a very thin belt so that the belt can run around small diameter rollers. If you need cleats on the conveyor then larger rollers are required as the size of the cleats determines the size of the rollers.

As you can see there are many variables to consider. At Robotunits we specialize in building conveyors which means you can rely on us in working out those details. All we need from you to get the ball rolling is some basic information. Fill out the questionnaire here and let us work out the rest.