Modular Conveyor Systems

Modular conveyor systems are a perfect solution to connect different production machinery in a cost-effective way while keeping the footprint to a bare minimum? For manufacturers looking to improve efficiencies on their production lines, integrating modular conveyors are often a low investment which lead to increased profits.

With it’s new line of modular conveyors, Robotunits offers innovative solutions which can easily be integrated with existing production machinery. Transport solutions, which cover straight lines, curves, inclines or declines are possible and are designed to exact customer requirements. With their low footprint, these modular conveyor systems are designed to save space. Minimal maintenance requirement and low energy consumption will also save costs and increase profits.

The main benefits of modular conveyor systems are low running costs and low maintenance costs. Other benefits of our modular conveyors are that they are designed and manufactured to exact customer requirements specific to the available floorspace. Orientation specific transportation of good around corners are another advantage when using these type of conveyor systems.

A modular automation system recently insta

At a recently installed project we had the challenge  to connect two production machines without interfering with productivity. Instead of a solution with three straight belt conveyors, we designed and built a single modular conveyor with a decline and a curve. The benefits of this solution were a low footprint, no belt sag and most importantly the orientation specific placement of the transported products.