Modular Conveyor System

Introducing The NEW Robotunits Modular Conveyor System

We have re-defined and perfected the concept of our range of Modular Conveyor Systems completely. Of course each modular conveyor is still fully built to customer requirements and our customers will benefit from the high level of standardisation of individual components. The resulting short delivery times are second to none.

Modular Conveyor System from Robotunits







Highest Flexibility in Width, Length and Layout

The new low friction design allows for an endless number of layout options which can be driven by a single motor and a multitude of transport solutions can be achieved.

Robotunits Modular Conveyor System



Examples of Layout Options (Top View)  

Modular Conveyor System 1



Examples of Layout Options (Side View)

Highest Safety

The newly designed side-plates encapsulate the sides of the modular conveyor system belt at the drive and idle end, eliminating pinch-points completely.

Modular Conveyor Safety








New Low Friction Design

The newly designed guide strips minimise friction and subsequently keep belt abrasion and overall running noise at an absolute minimum.


Modular Belt Conveyor Design









+  Transport of high loads possible

+  Form locating drive sprokets eliminate belt slippage

+  No belt tracking necessary

+  Replacement of individual belt modules possible

+  Side shifting of products possible

+  Integrates with the entire Robotunits Modular Automation System

+  Multitude of belt and cleat options

+ Curved Modular Conveyor or Straight Conveyor options