Linear Motion Units

Proven Concept: Linear Motion Systems from Robotunits!

High Quality, easy configuration, quick & seamless integration.

Designed around the Robotunits extrusion and fastening technology, this flexible linear motion system offers you an unmatched combination of versatility, stability and efficiency.

This customer application required a robust pick & place positioning system to lift, turn and relocate gear covers onto a Robotunits conveyor to transport the parts to the following station. The entire X-Y-Z system could be designed and built with standard components which reduced lead time and added to the bottom line of the project.


Your benefits:

  • Modular axis design (X-Y-Z combinations)
  • Complete compatibility with Robotunits conveyors and extrusion technology due to standardized 14mm t-slot design
  • Playfree linear motion bearings with high positioning accuracy
    (+/- 0.2 mm)
  • High load capacity due to hardened, tempered steel guide rails
  • Shortest design & assembly times