Why we give Conveyors Serial Numbers

When purchasing a conveyor to improve performance of the manufacturing process many companies just look at the price. It should be obvious that other factors like quality of components used, overall quality and availability of replacement parts need to be considered. It is in the event of a breakdown that things can get expensive if you can’t get production going again quickly. Of course we recommend that you keep some usable spares in stock to get you up even quicker.

All conveyors manufactured by Robotunits are given a serial number. Should a rare breakdown happen we know instantly what specifications your conveyor unit was built to. Just call us and quote the serial number of the conveyor and we help you to get you up and running again quickly. We keep all usable parts in stock and can send them to you instantly. No time wasted trying to figure out what you need. All third party components like motors and belts are sourced from world-class companies, which can also provide replacement parts straight away.