Conveyor Maintenance

When integrating a conveyor or any piece of machinery for that matter into a production facility it is of upmost importance to get a high quality product. It simply does not make sense to save a few dollars on an inferior product that will let you down sooner or later. Just imagine a conveyor breaking down causing production to stop completely until the unit is fixed. It could cost you thousands! Just like with your car it is also very important to service your conveyors correctly and within the specified intervals. You should also have the critical spares on hand to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum should there be any problems with it. We supply a conveyor manual with every unit that leaves our premises. Together with a lot of other important information you will find the serial number, maintenance schedule as well as exploded drawings of the conveyor belt. All though we are confident that our conveyors will function in extreme circumstances we strongly recommend that you follow the maintenance schedule and have some critical spares on hand. Prevention is always better the cure! The maintenance is very basic and requires only a few minutes of your time every few months. As for critical spares, you probably will not need them but if you have them on hand a rare breakdown will be fixed in no time.


If you have one of our conveyors you will have gotten a manual with it outlining the maintenance schedule, critical parts list as well as a lot of other important information that will keep your conveyor running for a very long time. You can download the manual here.