New Conveyor Labeling and Identification System

We have just updated the labeling system to give each conveyor a unique serial number. Customers can refer to the serial number in case they need spare parts for their conveyors. All they have to do is call us and quote the unique serial number printed on the label.


Replacement parts can be shipped straight away eliminating long delays trying to figure out what is needed. We identified a need for this in the market a long time back and have implemented a serial number system a few years back. We have now updated the ID labels to also show information regarding the type of conveyor, basic measurements, and motor configuration, project number and build date. All those identifiers help us to clearly identify which replacement parts the customer is after. It is a very rare event that a conveyor breaks down but if one of our conveyors does it can mean thousands of dollars of lost production time. We therefore recommend that the main wear parts like timing belts are kept in stock and maintenance personnel has them on hand.  Reordering new parts is made very easy with the new ID labeling system. It is also worth noting that each conveyor is now delivered with a printed manual which has all the operating procedures as well as maintenance schedules printed. All our conveyors are CE compliant and this fact is shown on the ID label as well as in the manual.  We are trying very hard to be ahead of everyone else, making an investment in our systems a big win for our customer.