Robotunits Conveyors In Checkweigher Applications

We have been working with the leading checkweigher suppliers in Australia on many projects and supplied our conveyors as part of the overall solutions.

Checkweighers are automatic weighing devices to check the weight of goods on a manufacturing or sorting line. They are used in a wide range of industries like Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Freight & Distribution, Confectionery, Fresh Food, Pet Food and general Manufacturing. At their core, checkweighers use a conveyor, which is mounted on weighing cells. Many of these weighing devices need to be built to exact specification so they meet the exact customer criteria. Robotunits conveyors are often used by the leading Australian checkweigher manufacturers.


We supply standard conveyors but also customised solutions with features like tracking strips or balanced rollers to guarantee weighing accuracy. Our conveyors are also used as separating devices to make sure products are arriving individually at the weighing station. In some cases we also supply conveyors to reject goods, which are under or over weight specifications.

Find more information on Robotunits belt conveyors here or if you need further information regarding checkweighers please contact us and we put you in contact with the leading companies in this field.