John Hart utilises Robotunits Modular Automation Technology

As a family-owned company, John Hart is a leading Australian supplier for reliable factory automation solutions. With the aim of becoming Australia’s most successful supplier of robotic solutions, John Hart strives to provide its customers with affordable, trustworthy and quality automation solutions.

John Hart employs Robotunits to supply Modular Automation Technology like aluminium extrusion and connection technology, conveyors, safety fencing, machine frames, and linear motion systems.

In a recent interview, Peter Burke of Robotunits and John Hart’s Automation and Robotics Operations Manager, Simon Hales revealed why John Hart prefers using Robotunits services and products over other providers in the market.

Simon Hales stated that Robotunits products are not only affordable but also fit their purpose well. He further went on to state that Robotunits products offer massive flexibility. This often comes in handy when creating automation solutions like machine frames, specialised conveyors and other special-purpose machinery.

He further stated that customers often have a change of opinion and are prone to requesting an alteration to their solution in the last minute. In this case it is essential to utilise equipment that can easily and quickly be re-configured. Robotunits products make such changes very easy, as their products are designed with the upmost flexibility in mind.

Hales further stated that Robotunits connection and extrusion technology offers better designing flexibility compared to that of the traditional steel construction. Ever since John Hart started using Robotunits products, they have never experienced any quality issues and have had an easy time working with the product range.

When considering customer care, Hales stated that Robotunits personnel, from their sales team to the engineers, are always helpful and focus on providing useful and helpful information.  They always provide working solutions to get the right results.

John Hart Aluminium Extrusion Cell

Robotic cell provided by John Hart utilising Robotunits aluminium extrusion and connection technology.

WMH uses Robotunits Extrusion and Conveyor Technology

The services of Robotunits were recently obtained by Ward Materials Handling Solutions in order to deliver a checkweigher system for Windolf Farms. Robotunits supplied the needed conveyors and extrusion system to build the checkweigher system.

There is a wide range of custom and standard weighing systems and checkweighers that Ward Materials Handling Solutions specialises in producing. These systems handle various duties such as verification of the weight and integrity of bags, sacks, trays, packages, bundles, bottles, punnets and boxes. The company has provided custom built checkweighers geared to the exact design of its clients for over ten years.

Ward MHS was hired by Windolf Farms to deliver a checkweigher system that would be very environmentally robust, yet user friendly so that it would have the ability to process bags of potatoes that ranged in weight from 2kg to 6kg. The system needed to handle an accuracy inside of 5 grams and deliver a throughput speed of 55 bags per minute.

Windolf Farms is a family owned and operated business, located in Queensland and is very hands on with the production, packing and the overall transportation of quality vegetables for markets that are local as well as being overseas. The new weighing system process will help to reduce costs of labor as well as making sure that the bags of potatoes are nor over or underweight.

Products that come out as overweight would cause a loss for the company, because that would really be in the category of product giveaway. If the product comes out as underweight it could cause a massive fine from the end customer, which is a multi national grocery chain.

Robotunits was chosen by Ward Material Handling Solutions to supply the extrusion systems and belt conveyors to construct the checkweighing system. The quick turnaround time and the flexibility of possible needed changes of positioning sensors, gave Robotunits the nod. Their flexibility in being able to accommodate last minute changes was also a major factor in their selection.

Ward Material Handling Solutions and Robotunits have worked together for a number of years. Robotunits has a sterling reputation for the prompt and reliable delivery of its products. Simon Ward, director of Ward Material Handling Solutions was very impressed with the dedication of the staff at Robotunits and their attention to detail in getting tasks accomplished.

Mr. Ward said that “Robotunits always goes the extra mile and that there is nothing that they won’t attempt in order to get the job done on time. They are always able to develop innovative solutions to tough problems and they always adhere to deadlines. They are priced very competitively and they over deliver their services, which makes them stand out in their field.”

Belt Conveyors from Robotunits used to build Checkweighers

WMH Checkweigher System built with Robotunits Modular Automation System

The Robotunits Philosophy – Our Promise to You!

We are committed to help our clients succeed by providing clever automation solutions that streamline their production processes. Ultimately this will save time and money resulting in improved profits.

 Specifically we are committed to deliver:

Outstanding Quality. Our large R&D Team makes sure we always listen to market feedback and design innovative products accordingly. We customise each solution according to exact requirements and we make sure that everything we deliver fits the lean philosophy eliminating waste wherever possible.

Uncompromising Service. We believe that we can stand out from the crowd by delivering outstanding service. We endeavor to be personal, competent and fast. We value relationships, call us at any time, we are here to help. This is our promise to you.

Fastest Delivery Times. We know that every holdup in manufacturing is costly to our customers. That is why we keep everything you find in our catalog in stock. We ship small orders on the same day we receive an order. Conveyors are designed, built and shipped within 5 business days with express options for 3 days. Assembled constructions are shipped within 5 business days or faster.

We are continuing to invest into R&D, training and internal systems to make sure we can deliver on our core promises.

We are human too and we do make mistakes from time to time. When that happens we promise to keep you in the loop and to work with you to ensure the best possible outcome.

The bottom line for us is this. We can only succeed if we help our customers to succeed. Therefore we do everything in our power to make sure we help our customers to achieve just that.

wishing you lots of success

Jurgen Mennel, Robotunits Australia

As always, we would love to hear your feedback below.

Robotunits Philosophy

New Robotunits Video

Based on our uniquely developed Automation System We build and sell anything from small trolleys to complex production lines. We specialise in conveying systems for the manufacturing industry.

We’re part of an international organisation. Our clients range from small companies to large corporations including Toyota, Illy Coffee, Siemens and many more.

We’ve been helping Australian manufacturers for 10 years to streamline their production processes and increase efficiency.

Our clients come to us to for 3 key reasons

  1. Their manufacturing output it is too slow
  2. They have old machinery or manufacture manually or which leads to health and safety issues
  3. They have unreliable machinery leading to expensive downtime

We solve these problems by

  • Supplying custom built machinery which speeds up production
  • We deliver solutions that help resolve health and safety issues
  • And, we provide reliable equipment which minimizes downtime

Our mission is to help businesses to thrive in these competitive times. We do this by helping them to reduce their production costs.

We’re known for providing easy solutions to complex problems. Robotunits guarantees to deliver on time every time in a fun, fast and friendly way.

We offer a free one-hour consultation either on the phone or on site to discuss your greatest challenges. Our high quality products and exceptional service are well known across Australia.

Call us today to book your appointment and we look forward to working with you.

Team Robotunits – Gravity 12hour Mountain Bike Enduro Race

We here at Robotunits take our work extremely seriously. Everything we do is based on our core values.

–       Fast & Direct

–       Solution and Goal Orientated

–       Honest & Open

–       Fun & Friendly

All these values are very important to us here at Robotunits. We believe these are the foundation to our customers as well as our own success. Lately we have been expanding some of those values outside of our normal working hours. We decided to put together a team to ride in the Gravity 12hour Mountain bike Challenge. The idea was to open it to our employees as well as suppliers and customers. It was all a bit short notice but a team of four was quickly found with Adam Elford, Paul Brauer, Grant Tartaro and myself up for the challenge. We even managed to get in a few training rides in the weeks leading up to the event. So on Friday the 1st of February, building of conveyors and other equipment here in our factory was scaled down and race preparation was all the rage. We arrived in Bright mid afternoon, set up our site and went straight for a training ride to check out the course. It all looked easy enough and we where confident for the race. Saturday morning it was all game on. Adam Elford was our first rider and all though he got caught up in the middle of the field after a hilarious “Le’mans” start managed to crank out one of the fastest laps of the day. I followed after Adam and managed a respectable time also. So did Paul and Grant. After that it was all getting a bit harder. First Adam had a flat about 500meters before the finish line and had to run to hand over to me. I quickly made up for some lost time only to loose front wheel grip about half way around the course. I rode the bike back in agony and still managed to limp back in a respectable time. Unfortunately my race day was over. So Adam, Paul and Grant stepped up and rode extra laps to make up for my misfortune.


In the end Adam did 5 laps, Paul and Grant did 3 each and I did only 2. With all that we came home 12th out of 18 Teams of Four. We thought that was mighty respectable for our first race entry especially seeing that there have been professional Team entries from Bicycle Superstore and Torque.  All in all, we accomplished our mission to have a lot of fun. My hand is almost back to normal and my rip will be fine again soon. We are already thinking of entering some other races and we will definatly be going back to compete again in the 2014 Gravity 12hour Mountain Bike Enduro Race. If you would like to join us please let us know. The more we are the more fun we’ll have.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

2012 has been a busy year again here at Robotunits Australia. All though the manufacturing industry is shrinking and shrinking each year we have actually managed to hit all our goals for this year. That is only possible because we have such a loyal customer base. We would like to sincerely thank You, our valued Customers for your support and trust during the last year. We hope we can help you again next year and contribute to your success in 2013.

Robotunits Australia will be closed over the holiday period from Friday 21st of December to Monday the 7th of January.

We wish you all a relaxing holiday period and a very successful 2013!

Your Robotunits Team


Robotunits Representation for New South Wales and South Australia

Robotunits Australia is expanding again. To support our rapidly growing customer base in New South Wales and South Australia we are proud to announce a dedicated customer representative for these markets.  Starting November 2012, veteran project manager Jeremy Singh will service existing and new clients in these important areas.

Jeremy has worked for Robotunits Australia as a project manager for more than two years and is now taking on the additional role as a customer representative. He will be in travelling extensivly to service the needs of our customers in New South Wales and South Australia.

Robotunits Australia Managing Director Jurgen Mennel commented, “ We have been fortunate to have Jeremy in the team for many years now. He has an amazing work ethic and was always dedicated to the success of our clients. We can always count on Jeremy’s honest and clear information as well as his excellent technical knowledge”.


If you want to discuss a project please call Jeremy in the office on 03 9334 5182 and arrange a suitable time for a visit.

Hot of the Press: The NEW Robotunits Catalogue 13

Robotunits Australia has just released the latest product catalogue. Version 13 is available right now featuring the latest product  information of the Robotunits Modular Automation System. The newly designed catalogue is now even more userfriendly. Many quick index references and icons guide you to your desired products in seconds.


All technical information is now split into six chapters (Conveyor Technology, Linear Motion Units, Aluminum Profiles, Connection Technology, Multifunctional Accessories and Safety Fencing). Each article has a dedicated page in the new Catalogue making it very easy to read. Additional information like relevant standards, service information and installation guidelines make the new Robotunits catalogue an important directory for the daily use of every design engineer.


How can I get my hands onto the latest Robotunits catalogue?

Please send us an email on ( or call us on 03 9334 5182. Our Sales representative will be happy to drop the catalogue to you or we send it out via mail. In addition, you will find all information in the webshop and can download the pdf-catalogue via this link here.


Current Opportunities at Robotunits Australia

Sales Representative Sydney – NSW

We are looking for a experienced Sales Representative to help us increase our presence in Sydney. If You or anyone else you know is interessted in this role please contact us.

Distribution Partner New Zeakland

We are also looking for a Distribution Partner in NZ. Applicants must have an excisting distribution network of a complimentary product to Robotunits. If you know of a company that may be interessted please pass it on or let us know.

Team Robotunits Wins “Dolomitenmann” Extreme Sports Race

“Team Robotunits” came out on top at the 24th edition of the Dolomitenmann, argubly the most challenging extreme sports team competition in the world.


Mountain Biker Hannes Pallhuber, Kayaker Gerhard Schmid, Para-glider Markus Prantl and Mountain Runner Azarya Weldemariam crossed the finnishing line after 3 hours and 55 minutes, almost 4 minutes ahead of second placed team “Kolland Topsport Kleine Zeitung”. The team’s success was perfected with two individual wins for the Best Mountain Runner and the Best Paraglider. Team captain and coach Christian Beer who helped put the team together was ecstatic about the sensational performance of the four extreme athletes.


Mountain runner Azarya Weldemariam was the stand out man on the day. He set the base for the win by eclipsing previously unbeatable world number one mountain runner Jonathan Wyatt. After running 11 km and assending 2000 meters he lead Jonathan by over 30 seconds to pass the bat to paraglider Johannes Prantl. The extreme paraglider increased the overall lead even further by also putting down the fastest time of the day. The river Drau took everything from kayaker Gerhard Schmid who put down an excellent time to hand over to the last man Hannes Pallhuber for the mountain bike leg. After 17km of challenging uphill and downhill mountain bike track, Hannes crossed the finnishing line celebrating in front of more than 50,000 spectators.


Team coach Christian Beer, CEO of Robotunits and himself a top athlete was ecstatic with the win and sensational performance of the team. ” It is unbelievable what the boys achieved here today and we are over the moon to finally win the Dolomitenmann. It is facinating that only a team with the highest team spirit can win such a race!”