Britax Conveyor Production Line Upgrade

The production line for Britax Childcare, Australia’s leading supplier of child restraints and strollers was recently upgraded by Robotunits in an effort to increase its production efficiency.

An improvement of the production line in Britax Childcare Ltd was recently carried out to increase the line’s throughput and ultimately improve the company’s production efficiency. The upgrade was meant to facilitate the elimination of manually-handled tasked, thus reducing the health and safety risks they presented. The project would also result in more production on the line, with more units produced each day and reduced labor costs.

Britax Childcare is the umbrella body for Australia’s two leading nursery brands, Safe-n-Sound and Steelcraft. Safe-n-Sound is a world-renown designer and manufacturer of child restraints, while Steelcraft has been manufacturing prams and strollers since its establishment in the 1940s. Britax Childcare is largely involved in supplying nursery products and travel systems that include infant carriers and other accessories.

As part of the project plan, Britax sent out requests to several suppliers to identify the most suited for the project. Robotunits was chosen, being the only supplier that delivered a complex solution to the request on time, taking only eight days from the time they received the request to when they delivered the finished solution. Most of the other suppliers that received requests could not even produce price quotes for the project within the time given.

A large majority of companies that engage the services of Robotunits usually do so because their manufacturing output is slow. A second group that engages Robotunits’ services is companies with old machinery or companies whose manufacturing processes involve a lot of manual work, presenting many health and safety problems. A third group is companies whose machinery is unreliable, which results in expensive company downtime.

In addition to the quick turnaround time by Robotunits, the quality of the final product was excellent. One of Britax Childcare’s production engineers, Manish Goregaonkar, described the advice provided by personnel from Robotunits as very professional and exceptional. He added that the on-site services provided by the staff were outstanding.

When asked concerning the speed with which the finished product was delivered, Goregaonkar said, “Given the extremely short amount of time taken from concept to delivery, the value for money was outstanding.”

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Curved Modular Conveyor

This curved modular conveyor from Robotunits was part of the manufacturing line upgrade at Britax Childcare.