At your service: The Robotunits Modular Automation System

The Robotunits Modular Automation System is designed to support and facilitate our customers’ individuality. The goal behind the modularity of the system is to let the products take over as many routine tasks as possible, therefore allowing the engineer to use his energy to create an ideal solution tailored to more specific technical circumstances.

At Robotunits, you will discover a world class range of great products. We always try to offer a maximum of possibilities with a minimum of multifunctional parts. Why do we do that? Because we think lean and are convinced that standardized and compatible parts – all from a single source – make the difference in today’s industrial production and machine building.

The highlights of Robotunits products are: The just-in-time belt conveyor system, the easily constructed safety fence system, the custom-made linear motion system, the smart aluminum extrusion technology, the strong fastening technology and the multifunctional accessories. Soon, new modular products will be added to our system.

Our existing customers already know that the Robotunits mindset does not end at the product range. Our philosophy is to guarantee not only the best quality products, but also stand for uncompromising customer service and fastest delivery times. Always.

Modular Z Conveyor | modular conveyor

Purpose build Modular Conveyor

A recent project for a customer needing to transport copper pins from a manufacturing machine into a bin was realised with a modular conveyor from Robotunits. The pins are falling via a chute into a funnel on the modular conveyor before being transported via a 45 degree incline to 1.5meter in height. This particular customer needed the bottom of the conveyor covered with stainless steel trays and the top with polycarbonate. The tensioning of the belt is done dynamically via small gas cylinders eliminating the need for a catinary sag of the belt.  If you have a similar application please call us for further information on 03 9334 5182.

Modular Z Conveyor

Modular Z Conveyor

Holddowns at curve.

Holddowns at Curve

Conveyor Dynamic Tensioning and Infeed Funnel

Dynamic Tensioning and Infeed Funnel

Modular Conveyor System

Introducing The NEW Robotunits Modular Conveyor System

We have re-defined and perfected the concept of our range of Modular Conveyor Systems completely. Of course each modular conveyor is still fully built to customer requirements and our customers will benefit from the high level of standardisation of individual components. The resulting short delivery times are second to none.

Modular Conveyor System from Robotunits







Highest Flexibility in Width, Length and Layout

The new low friction design allows for an endless number of layout options which can be driven by a single motor and a multitude of transport solutions can be achieved.

Robotunits Modular Conveyor System



Examples of Layout Options (Top View)  

Modular Conveyor System 1



Examples of Layout Options (Side View)

Highest Safety

The newly designed side-plates encapsulate the sides of the modular conveyor system belt at the drive and idle end, eliminating pinch-points completely.

Modular Conveyor Safety








New Low Friction Design

The newly designed guide strips minimise friction and subsequently keep belt abrasion and overall running noise at an absolute minimum.


Modular Belt Conveyor Design









+  Transport of high loads possible

+  Form locating drive sprokets eliminate belt slippage

+  No belt tracking necessary

+  Replacement of individual belt modules possible

+  Side shifting of products possible

+  Integrates with the entire Robotunits Modular Automation System

+  Multitude of belt and cleat options

+ Curved Modular Conveyor or Straight Conveyor options

Modular Conveyor Supplier

Robotunits has just released a newly developed range of curved modular conveyors. As with all other conveyors supplied by Robotunits every unit is built to exact customer specifications utilising a large number of our standard components. This allows us to stock most components and in turn enables us to deliver fully customised curved modular conveyors in as little as one week from time of order.

The new range of modular conveyors also feature many exciting new design elements, which enhance safety and reliability. The belt for instance is fully enclosed around all straight edges as well as around the drive and idle roller, which eliminates all pinchpoint issues.

Another unique design feature is the fact that our new range of curved modular conveyors is designed without a catenary, which eliminates another area of safety concerns commonly seen with most modular conveyors.

With all these exciting features and very competitive pricing look no further when deciding which modular conveyor supplier to choose for the job.


  • Conveyors are built here in Australia to customer specifications
  • Deliver in as little as one week from time of order
  • No Pinchpoints
  • All modular belt edges are enclosed
  • No catenary needed
No pinchpoints due to fully enclosed modular belt.

No pinchpoints due to fully enclosed modular belt.








The NEW Curved Modular Belt Conveyor and Vacuum Conveyor from Robotunits.

The NEW Curved Modular Belt Conveyor and Vacuum Conveyor from Robotunits.









Vacuum Conveyor

Vacuum Conveyor from Robotunits





Belt Conveyor Load Calculations

A lot of variables have to be considered when designing a belt conveyor. One area that requires a lot of calculations is the load a particular belt conveyor needs to carry.

The main areas that should be considered are

– Motor and gearbox specifications

– Conveyor design specifications

– Stand design specifications

Motor and Gearbox Specifications

When carrying out belt conveyor load calculation, the total payload on the belt conveyor as well as the area the load will take up on the conveyor need to be considered. Most belt conveyors are designed with the belt being dragged over a stainless steel deck.  This causes friction between the belt and the deck. Belt conveyors transporting goods in an accumulating fashion experience additional friction forces between the belt and the payload. All of this needs to be taken into account.  There may be other factors but most of the time these variables are sufficient to calculate Motor and Gearbox specifications.

Conveyor Design Specifications

The construction of a belt conveyor needs to be in relation to the load it needs to carry. Most importantly, the payload and size of the conveyor will determine the size of the drive and idle rollers.  This in turn will influence the size of bearings and other items like timing belts. A subframe for a conveyor carrying a high payload may also require additional strengthening to ensure its integrity.

Conveyor Stand Design

It should go without saying that the belt conveyor stand needs to be suitable so it can handle the load of the belt conveyor itself as well as the payload on the belt conveyor. All in all it has to be a sturdy frame, which ensures a solid construction and a safe working environment.

Here at Robotunits we use an in-house designed computer program, which calculates almost all of these variables. In the rare case where not all variables can be calculated we can draw on years of conveyor building experience here in Australia as well as from our head office in Austria.

If you have a conveyor project and find yourself trying to work out some of these factors then please feel free to call us with your requirements. Let us do all the calculations for you. Draw on our extensive knowledge and experience we gained over the years.

Call us on 03 9334 5182

Belt Conveyor

John Hart utilises Robotunits Modular Automation Technology

As a family-owned company, John Hart is a leading Australian supplier for reliable factory automation solutions. With the aim of becoming Australia’s most successful supplier of robotic solutions, John Hart strives to provide its customers with affordable, trustworthy and quality automation solutions.

John Hart employs Robotunits to supply Modular Automation Technology like aluminium extrusion and connection technology, conveyors, safety fencing, machine frames, and linear motion systems.

In a recent interview, Peter Burke of Robotunits and John Hart’s Automation and Robotics Operations Manager, Simon Hales revealed why John Hart prefers using Robotunits services and products over other providers in the market.

Simon Hales stated that Robotunits products are not only affordable but also fit their purpose well. He further went on to state that Robotunits products offer massive flexibility. This often comes in handy when creating automation solutions like machine frames, specialised conveyors and other special-purpose machinery.

He further stated that customers often have a change of opinion and are prone to requesting an alteration to their solution in the last minute. In this case it is essential to utilise equipment that can easily and quickly be re-configured. Robotunits products make such changes very easy, as their products are designed with the upmost flexibility in mind.

Hales further stated that Robotunits connection and extrusion technology offers better designing flexibility compared to that of the traditional steel construction. Ever since John Hart started using Robotunits products, they have never experienced any quality issues and have had an easy time working with the product range.

When considering customer care, Hales stated that Robotunits personnel, from their sales team to the engineers, are always helpful and focus on providing useful and helpful information.  They always provide working solutions to get the right results.

John Hart Aluminium Extrusion Cell

Robotic cell provided by John Hart utilising Robotunits aluminium extrusion and connection technology.

WMH uses Robotunits Extrusion and Conveyor Technology

The services of Robotunits were recently obtained by Ward Materials Handling Solutions in order to deliver a checkweigher system for Windolf Farms. Robotunits supplied the needed conveyors and extrusion system to build the checkweigher system.

There is a wide range of custom and standard weighing systems and checkweighers that Ward Materials Handling Solutions specialises in producing. These systems handle various duties such as verification of the weight and integrity of bags, sacks, trays, packages, bundles, bottles, punnets and boxes. The company has provided custom built checkweighers geared to the exact design of its clients for over ten years.

Ward MHS was hired by Windolf Farms to deliver a checkweigher system that would be very environmentally robust, yet user friendly so that it would have the ability to process bags of potatoes that ranged in weight from 2kg to 6kg. The system needed to handle an accuracy inside of 5 grams and deliver a throughput speed of 55 bags per minute.

Windolf Farms is a family owned and operated business, located in Queensland and is very hands on with the production, packing and the overall transportation of quality vegetables for markets that are local as well as being overseas. The new weighing system process will help to reduce costs of labor as well as making sure that the bags of potatoes are nor over or underweight.

Products that come out as overweight would cause a loss for the company, because that would really be in the category of product giveaway. If the product comes out as underweight it could cause a massive fine from the end customer, which is a multi national grocery chain.

Robotunits was chosen by Ward Material Handling Solutions to supply the extrusion systems and belt conveyors to construct the checkweighing system. The quick turnaround time and the flexibility of possible needed changes of positioning sensors, gave Robotunits the nod. Their flexibility in being able to accommodate last minute changes was also a major factor in their selection.

Ward Material Handling Solutions and Robotunits have worked together for a number of years. Robotunits has a sterling reputation for the prompt and reliable delivery of its products. Simon Ward, director of Ward Material Handling Solutions was very impressed with the dedication of the staff at Robotunits and their attention to detail in getting tasks accomplished.

Mr. Ward said that “Robotunits always goes the extra mile and that there is nothing that they won’t attempt in order to get the job done on time. They are always able to develop innovative solutions to tough problems and they always adhere to deadlines. They are priced very competitively and they over deliver their services, which makes them stand out in their field.”

Belt Conveyors from Robotunits used to build Checkweighers

WMH Checkweigher System built with Robotunits Modular Automation System

New Conveyor Safety Feature

Safety is continuously an issue in any manufacturing environment and safety features in any production machinery become more and more critical. Robotunits has just released a small but very effective product update for all belt conveyors. An additional stainless steel cover will be added to each side plate of the conveyor. This minimises the gap between roller and slide deck to a distance well below the allowable standard.

For our customers this new safety feature can bring cost savings as well. Depending on individual onsite safety specifications, additional safety barriers around conveyors may not be needed with this new feature.

Conveyor Safety Feature

This is the new safety feature on all Robotunits Conveyors.


Belt Conveyor Tracking

Belt Conveyor Tracking is imperative for the smooth operation of a belt conveyor unit. There are a number of things to consider in regards to belt conveyor tracking. Most tracking issues can be eliminated from the start with the proper design considerations. Once the belt conveyor is installed onsite there are also a few basic steps to be undertaken to make sure the belt tracks nicely.

Design Considerations

Rollers Design

All drive rollers, as well as idler rollers need to be crowned to allow belt conveyor tracking. Most of our rollers are about 1mm bigger in the centre and tapered towards the outside. All Robotunits rollers are also made from steel with large wall thicknesses to guarantee that rollers will not bend when tensioning the belt. Bending of a roller would offset the crowning and create all sorts of belt tracking issues.

Aspect Ratio

A belt conveyor should be at least twice as long as it is wide to have a minimum ratio of 2:1. Anything lower makes belt conveyor tracking very hard. Here at Robotunits we generally keep to these ratios. There are a few scenarios when we can go a little below this ratio without the need for a tracking strip.

Tracking Strips

Should a ratio below 2:1 be required we design the belt with a tracking strip. This is a PVC strip bonded to the underside of the belt. The rollers have the relating groove turned into them. This will guarantee belt tracking. It has to be said that the belt should track on it’s own as much as possible without relying on the tracking strip. If it doesn’t then the constant side force applied to the tracking strip will eventually tear it of. So even with a tracking strip a belt conveyor needs to be set up correctly to make sure it runs smoothly.

Conveyor Belt Tensioning

The manufacturer of the conveyor belts specifies certain tensioning criteria to maximize efficiency. Generally a belt needs to be stretched by about 0.3%. This can vary slightly depending on the belt material. The belt stretching is needed to ensure that the drive roller cannot slip and also to ensure belt conveyor tracking.

Direction of Travel

A belt conveyor should generally be run in a “pulling” fashion. This means that the belt travels from the idle roller towards the drive roller. This is mainly to eliminate roller slippage but also greatly influences tracking. It is much easier to track a belt conveyor if run in a “pulling” rather then a “pushing” fashion.

Onsite Setup and Maintenance

Generally a belt conveyor is tracked from the idler roller end. All Robotunits conveyors have adjusting screws on each side of the idler roller. These are used to tension the belt and also to fine-tune tracking. Should a belt wander to one side simply tension the belt on that side a little bit more. A small adjustment often makes a large difference so start with quarter turns. Do this while the conveyor is running. Allow the belt to settle in for a while and readjust accordingly. There are further details in the conveyor manual supplied with each of our conveyors.


Please check your conveyors at least once a week to make sure the belt conveyor tracking is still maintained. It will guarantee a smooth and trouble free operation of your conveyor unit.

PDF of Belt Conveyor Tracking from the Robotunits Operations Manual.

Belt Conveyor Tracking

Extract from the Robotunits Conveyor Manual describing the belt conveyor tracking procedure.

The Robotunits Philosophy – Our Promise to You!

We are committed to help our clients succeed by providing clever automation solutions that streamline their production processes. Ultimately this will save time and money resulting in improved profits.

 Specifically we are committed to deliver:

Outstanding Quality. Our large R&D Team makes sure we always listen to market feedback and design innovative products accordingly. We customise each solution according to exact requirements and we make sure that everything we deliver fits the lean philosophy eliminating waste wherever possible.

Uncompromising Service. We believe that we can stand out from the crowd by delivering outstanding service. We endeavor to be personal, competent and fast. We value relationships, call us at any time, we are here to help. This is our promise to you.

Fastest Delivery Times. We know that every holdup in manufacturing is costly to our customers. That is why we keep everything you find in our catalog in stock. We ship small orders on the same day we receive an order. Conveyors are designed, built and shipped within 5 business days with express options for 3 days. Assembled constructions are shipped within 5 business days or faster.

We are continuing to invest into R&D, training and internal systems to make sure we can deliver on our core promises.

We are human too and we do make mistakes from time to time. When that happens we promise to keep you in the loop and to work with you to ensure the best possible outcome.

The bottom line for us is this. We can only succeed if we help our customers to succeed. Therefore we do everything in our power to make sure we help our customers to achieve just that.

wishing you lots of success

Jurgen Mennel, Robotunits Australia

As always, we would love to hear your feedback below.

Robotunits Philosophy