Belt Conveyor Handbook pdf

It is important to install and operate conveyors in a way that guarantees safety for the personnel installing them and also operators who work around these conveyors. Belt conveyors are often underestimated and forgotten when it comes to safety and maintenance. They are often more complex then first thought. Unfortunately, a lot of conveyor manufacturers do not supply them with the appropriate documentation or belt conveyor handbook pdf or printed version.Often, end users install or operate the conveyors incorrectly and often forget to maintain them in the appropriate way. All this can lead to serious safety issues, expensive manufacturing downtimes and also reduce the lifespan of the conveyor units.For this reason Robotunits belt conveyors are always delivered with a Belt Conveyor Handbook. Each Handbook is a printed booklet, but can also be supplied as a pdf version. These manuals are written in four languages namely English, German, Italian and French. They contain the following information

1)   Serial Number and Type of Belt Conveyor. Individual manufacturing details are stored on our servers. In case of a very rare breakdown we can quickly retrieve the specific details and organise replacement parts straight away minimising expensive downtimes.

2)   Safety Information. Applied manufacturing conformance standards are detailed in the Belt Conveyor Handbook pdf and printed version. Other important safety information in relation to the mechanical and electrical design are also specified. Safety considerations when cleaning the conveyors are also included.

3)   Transport and Assembly Instructions. Belt Conveyors need to be handled with care at all times even before they are operated.

4)   Operating Instructions. The Belt Conveyor Handbook pdf details all operating instructions, specifically the tracking instructions to make sure the belts track properly and don’t run off to one side.

5)   Maintenance Schedule. Maintenance is an important part of any equipment used in a manufacturing environment. Belt conveyors are no exception. Maintenance intervals of bearings, conveyor belt, timing belt and electrical components are specified in the operating instructions.

6)   Declaration of Conformity. All Robotunits conveyors are built to a number of EN norms to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards. The relevant norms are detailed in this section of the handbook.

7)   Drawings. All assembly drawings for all types of conveyors offered by Robotunits are also in the handbook. This makes it easy for maintenance personnel to specify replacement parts should the need arise.

Robotunits delivers all it's conveyors with a

All our conveyors are delivered with a operating handbook. It should be kept in a place easily accesible by staff installing and operating the conveyor. Should you need a replacement handbook please let us know and we organise a new one for you either as a printed version or as a Belt Conveyor Handbook pdf version. Alternatively you can download it here.