Audi R8 Spyder No Match For The Robotunits Connection Technology

Standard Robotunits Connectors have substantial reserves built in.

A single standard Robotunits connector is holding an Audi R8 Spyder.  The Robotunits connector would be able to hold at least twice the weight. The breaking point of the connector is at well over 4000kg! The suspended sports-car was one of the highlights at the Automatica Tradeshow in Munich. Robotunits who has a production facility in Australia was able to showcase the strength of their patented connection technology.

Robotunits Audi R8 Spyder suspended by a single connector!

Automatica is one of the most important trade shows in the automation and mechanical engineering field and the exhibition was very successful for Robotunits.

Robotunits Australia GM Jurgen Mennel said “ We are feeling renewed optimism in die engineering field at the moment. Customers are looking for reliable partners who can deliver innovative and high quality solutions”

Robotunits connection technology, comparable strength to welded constructions.

The one of a kind Robotunits connection technology offers a completely play-free, form-locating, vibration-proof and self-aligning connection of Aluminium Extrusions. With this technology connection strengths comparable to welded constructions are achieved. This connector is designed with the Robotunits philosophy “more with less” in mind. This means that the same basic fastener element is used for all possible connections between 50×50, 50×100 or 100×100 aluminium profiles. The standardization of all Robotunits components allows enormous savings in all stages of the engineering starting from the design stage to the onsite installation stage.

University Test confirm Strength

Tests at different Universities have all confirmed that Robotunits connections of 50×50 Extrusions exceed breaking strengths of over 4000kg and are also 100% secure to vibration. The tests have all used a standard connector, which consists of a standard connector plate as well as M10 and two M8 Bolts. These tests have shown that the Robotunits connectors are perfectly balanced in design. This results in extreme strength characteristics, which are only possible with the patented Robotunits extrusion and connection technology.

Robotunits Connection Technology Facts

–       breaking strength greater then 4000kg

–       vibration proof and form-locating connections

–       large uniform T-slots at 14mm

–       replacement of steel constructions possible

–       no drilling or milling of extrusions