Aluminium Extrusion Australia

At the base of our modular automation system is of course our unique aluminium extrusion technology. All Robotunits aluminium extrusions have a 14mm wide as well as 14mm deep t-slot. This is very different from just about every other aluminium extrusion offered in australia or indeed the world. Generally, most companies offer extrusions with a 8mm or 10mm wide slot with varying depths. All of those have significant disadvantages which only Robotunits extrusions with it’s 14mm t-slot overcomes.

The main advantages of the unique 14mm t-slot are

1) T-nuts can be inserted into the t-sots at anyone point rather than having to slide them in from the side. Even with this feature Robotunits aluminium extrusion and connection technology is the strongest by far anywhere found.

2) Larger screws can be used for connectors leading to more strength. We use 8 mm bolts as a standard  with twist in t-nuts and 10 mm bolts on slide in nuts.

3) The deep t-slot allows for maximum screw engagement into the t-nut. The standard of engagement of a steel bolt into a steel nut must be a ratio of 1:1 to be considered a secure connection. With the 14mm deep t-slot this is easily achieved with Robotunits technology, however almost no other aluminium extrusion provider can offer this.

4) The extra wide and deep t-slot also allowed us to design a connection technology which does not require drilling or milling of the extrusion making it significantly faster when working with Robotunits aluminium extrusions.

5) All those features combined end up saving our customer significant time when assembling and at the same time offer the strongest possible solutions.

Aluminium Extrusion Australia





Please leave your questions and comments below if you want to know more. If you have worked with aluminium extrusions before (Robotunits or any other Brand)  we would love to hear how that has worked for you.