Recognise the benefits of the new Fanuc LRMate 200iD 4S

John Hart Automation & Robotics is an integrator for Australian manufacturing, in addition to the supply of Fanuc robotics to the Australian market.

We have many years’ experience automating through the delivery of turnkey solutions in response to customers’ requirements and we can help improve the operational efficiency of any manufacturing business.

We provide a full range of support for all John Hart supplied systems.

Benefits of automating

Benefits to the operator include reduced costs, lower health and safety risks and increased production quality.

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Ramtaps - Round the clock manufacturing

Ramtaps: Round the clock manufacturing

Client Ramtaps (Harbic Products) Problem Ramtaps have been manufacturing their Australian designed, high quality bathroom fittings for over 70 years. Like all local manufacturing companies, Ramtaps face tough competition from foreign imported products. Ramtaps wanted to improve the process used to manufacture their single lever mixer core bodies, they needed to dramatically increase machine utilisation…

Sutton Tools Automation

Sutton Tools: Achieving continued success through ongoing automation

Story by Martin Oakman As the key player, Australian-owned tooling developers, Sutton Tools, requires no introduction. Since their inception in 1917 they have proven to be great pioneers, adopting and developing new technologies to improve the efficiency of cutting tools and their manufacture, including the latest coating technologies. As part of this ongoing development, Sutton…

Fanuc Robotic Baghandling

Robotic bag handling

CUSTOMER: Australian building products manufacturer.
PROBLEM: Much of the work involved the manual handling of 20-30kg bags of building products such as dry mix concrete, grout and tile adhesives. Due to the laborious nature of the work, issues of OH&S, staff retention and lower productivity were a problem for the client.

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