WMH uses Robotunits Extrusion and Conveyor Technology

The services of Robotunits were recently obtained by Ward Materials Handling Solutions in order to deliver a checkweigher system for Windolf Farms. Robotunits supplied the needed conveyors and extrusion system to build the checkweigher system.

There is a wide range of custom and standard weighing systems and checkweighers that Ward Materials Handling Solutions specialises in producing. These systems handle various duties such as verification of the weight and integrity of bags, sacks, trays, packages, bundles, bottles, punnets and boxes. The company has provided custom built checkweighers geared to the exact design of its clients for over ten years.

Ward MHS was hired by Windolf Farms to deliver a checkweigher system that would be very environmentally robust, yet user friendly so that it would have the ability to process bags of potatoes that ranged in weight from 2kg to 6kg. The system needed to handle an accuracy inside of 5 grams and deliver a throughput speed of 55 bags per minute.

Windolf Farms is a family owned and operated business, located in Queensland and is very hands on with the production, packing and the overall transportation of quality vegetables for markets that are local as well as being overseas. The new weighing system process will help to reduce costs of labor as well as making sure that the bags of potatoes are nor over or underweight.

Products that come out as overweight would cause a loss for the company, because that would really be in the category of product giveaway. If the product comes out as underweight it could cause a massive fine from the end customer, which is a multi national grocery chain.

Robotunits was chosen by Ward Material Handling Solutions to supply the extrusion systems and belt conveyors to construct the checkweighing system. The quick turnaround time and the flexibility of possible needed changes of positioning sensors, gave Robotunits the nod. Their flexibility in being able to accommodate last minute changes was also a major factor in their selection.

Ward Material Handling Solutions and Robotunits have worked together for a number of years. Robotunits has a sterling reputation for the prompt and reliable delivery of its products. Simon Ward, director of Ward Material Handling Solutions was very impressed with the dedication of the staff at Robotunits and their attention to detail in getting tasks accomplished.

Mr. Ward said that “Robotunits always goes the extra mile and that there is nothing that they won’t attempt in order to get the job done on time. They are always able to develop innovative solutions to tough problems and they always adhere to deadlines. They are priced very competitively and they over deliver their services, which makes them stand out in their field.”

Belt Conveyors from Robotunits used to build Checkweighers

WMH Checkweigher System built with Robotunits Modular Automation System