Team Robotunits Wins “Dolomitenmann” Extreme Sports Race

“Team Robotunits” came out on top at the 24th edition of the Dolomitenmann, argubly the most challenging extreme sports team competition in the world.


Mountain Biker Hannes Pallhuber, Kayaker Gerhard Schmid, Para-glider Markus Prantl and Mountain Runner Azarya Weldemariam crossed the finnishing line after 3 hours and 55 minutes, almost 4 minutes ahead of second placed team “Kolland Topsport Kleine Zeitung”. The team’s success was perfected with two individual wins for the Best Mountain Runner and the Best Paraglider. Team captain and coach Christian Beer who helped put the team together was ecstatic about the sensational performance of the four extreme athletes.


Mountain runner Azarya Weldemariam was the stand out man on the day. He set the base for the win by eclipsing previously unbeatable world number one mountain runner Jonathan Wyatt. After running 11 km and assending 2000 meters he lead Jonathan by over 30 seconds to pass the bat to paraglider Johannes Prantl. The extreme paraglider increased the overall lead even further by also putting down the fastest time of the day. The river Drau took everything from kayaker Gerhard Schmid who put down an excellent time to hand over to the last man Hannes Pallhuber for the mountain bike leg. After 17km of challenging uphill and downhill mountain bike track, Hannes crossed the finnishing line celebrating in front of more than 50,000 spectators.


Team coach Christian Beer, CEO of Robotunits and himself a top athlete was ecstatic with the win and sensational performance of the team. ” It is unbelievable what the boys achieved here today and we are over the moon to finally win the Dolomitenmann. It is facinating that only a team with the highest team spirit can win such a race!”