Modular Z Conveyor | modular conveyor

Purpose build Modular Conveyor

A recent project for a customer needing to transport copper pins from a manufacturing machine into a bin was realised with a modular conveyor from Robotunits. The pins are falling via a chute into a funnel on the modular conveyor before being transported via a 45 degree incline to 1.5meter in height. This particular customer needed the bottom of the conveyor covered with stainless steel trays and the top with polycarbonate. The tensioning of the belt is done dynamically via small gas cylinders eliminating the need for a catinary sag of the belt.  If you have a similar application please call us for further information on 03 9334 5182.

Modular Z Conveyor

Modular Z Conveyor

Holddowns at curve.

Holddowns at Curve

Conveyor Dynamic Tensioning and Infeed Funnel

Dynamic Tensioning and Infeed Funnel