John Hart utilises Robotunits Modular Automation Technology

As a family-owned company, John Hart is a leading Australian supplier for reliable factory automation solutions. With the aim of becoming Australia’s most successful supplier of robotic solutions, John Hart strives to provide its customers with affordable, trustworthy and quality automation solutions.

John Hart employs Robotunits to supply Modular Automation Technology like aluminium extrusion and connection technology, conveyors, safety fencing, machine frames, and linear motion systems.

In a recent interview, Peter Burke of Robotunits and John Hart’s Automation and Robotics Operations Manager, Simon Hales revealed why John Hart prefers using Robotunits services and products over other providers in the market.

Simon Hales stated that Robotunits products are not only affordable but also fit their purpose well. He further went on to state that Robotunits products offer massive flexibility. This often comes in handy when creating automation solutions like machine frames, specialised conveyors and other special-purpose machinery.

He further stated that customers often have a change of opinion and are prone to requesting an alteration to their solution in the last minute. In this case it is essential to utilise equipment that can easily and quickly be re-configured. Robotunits products make such changes very easy, as their products are designed with the upmost flexibility in mind.

Hales further stated that Robotunits connection and extrusion technology offers better designing flexibility compared to that of the traditional steel construction. Ever since John Hart started using Robotunits products, they have never experienced any quality issues and have had an easy time working with the product range.

When considering customer care, Hales stated that Robotunits personnel, from their sales team to the engineers, are always helpful and focus on providing useful and helpful information.  They always provide working solutions to get the right results.

John Hart Aluminium Extrusion Cell

Robotic cell provided by John Hart utilising Robotunits aluminium extrusion and connection technology.