The Just-In-Time Belt Conveyor System

Robotunits builds custom made conveyors to your exact specification. We offer a standard range of belt conveyors which cover about 80% of customer needs. Because we keep all components to build those conveyors in-house we are able to deliver custom built belt-conveyors within 7 days. Our standard components allow us to build customer specified units from 40mm wide to 1200mm wide with a length of up to 6meters. Of course we also cater for needs outside of those specifications, we just have to get some components specifically designed and manufactured for those requirements. Please call us or drop us an email with your specific conveyor needs.

Standard Robotunits Conveyors include

Other Conveyors built by Robotunits are

Please ring our office on 03 9334 5182 to get advice and quotes or fill out the conveyor inquiry form  and we get back to you straight away.

Application pictures: 

Standard Conveyor
Right or left hand end or center drive.

Combination Conveyors

Different conveyors can be combined with great ease and flexibility as in this application where horizontal conveyors are integrated together with an incline conveyor with a cleated belt.
Curved Conveyor
Curved Modular Conveyor

Curves of up to 180 degrees are possible. We can also achieve a conveyor width to radius ratio of 1:1 meaning a 400mm wide conveyor can have a radius of 400mm.
One System, Lots of Benefits
The conveyors can be seamlessly integrated into the whole Robotunits modular automation system.
Cleated Belt Conveyors
For special applications special carriers can be attached to the conveyors.

Arc Conveyor

Incline conveyor for injection molding parts.
Modular Conveyors
Modular chain conveyors for wide and accumulating applications.
Vacuum Conveyor
For fast transport of very light parts.
Parallel Arrangement of Standard Conveyors
Flexible solution for wide conveyors if a low profile conveyor is required.