How to Increase the Lifespan of your Conveyor? Correct Tracking of the Belt is Important!

Most Robotunits conveyors are built with PVC or PU belts. These belts need to be installed and tracked correctly after first installation. We do this with every conveyor before it leaves our factory. Therefore no major adjustments should be needed after the conveyor is set up onsite. It is important that you double check the tracking of the belt before the conveyor starts production. It is also a good idea to periodically check the belt tracking is correct. This will greatly increase the serviceable lifespan of any conveyor belt.

Robotunits conveyors are designed with heavy-duty drive and idler rollers. These rollers are slightly crowned according to belt manufacturer’s specifications. All our conveyors are delivered with belt stretch/tracking adjustment bolts on either side of the idler rollers. To adjust tracking, simply loosen the bolt that holds the idler side-plates in position and tighten the adjustment bolt on the side the belt is moving towards too. In other words, if the belt is to far on the left, tighten the left adjustment bolt. The amount of tensioning needed, depends on the size and speed of the belt. In general it can be said that only small adjustments will be needed. A quarter turn of the adjustment bolt can make a huge difference. So be careful not to over compensate. Give the belt a bit of time to settle in its place and make fine adjustments if necessary. After the belt has settled in, don’t forget to tighten the side-plates. Job done. From here on all we suggest is a periodical check to make sure the tracking is still ok.