Simplicity is the Key!

Over the last few months there is one thing that I’ve heard from clients over and over again.  ‘ How simple the Robotunits system is to use’.

There is no requirement to milling, drilling or welding when working with Robotunits products. The only machining that needs to be done is cutting the extrusions to length and tapping the ends. That’s it, job done ready for assembly. This saves our clients an enormous amount of time and money.

In December we had a client ring us to make some modifications to a machine frame. Six horizontal members were to be moved by 50mm.  They thought it was going to be a time consuming job and put the installation of the project back for days!!!  We arrived at their premises at 10am with only a set off allan keys and a ruler.  They total job was finished by 11am  the same day. All we had to do was undo the fasteners, move the t-nuts into position and fasten it all up again.

A system like Robotunits allows the user to make adjustments on  the fly without expensive and time consuming machining or engineering. Be it our conveyors, linear motion units, safety fencing or a specially designed frame, modifications are always easily possible.

If you require and information or have any questions regarding the robot units system please contact us

Merry Christmas and a Successful 2011

It has been a busy year here at Robotunits Australia. To name just a few things, we implemented cutting edge 3D Software and we had the lead designer from our head-office in Austria over here in Oz to help us implement it. We also introduced a number of new products, mainly in the conveyor side of things.

All of that is only possible because we have such a loyal customer base. We would like to sincerely thank You, our valued Customers for your support and trust during the last year. We hope we can, at least in a small way, contribute to your success again in 2011.

Robotunits  Australia will be closed over the holiday period from Friday 24th of December to Monday the 3rd of January. We will be back for you on Tuesday the 4th of January.

We wish you all a relaxing holiday period and a very successful 2011!

Your Robotunits Team

Welcome to the Robotunits Australia Blog

We are very excited to finally be online with our dedicated blog here in Australia. We will update you, our valued customer, with the latest tips, tricks and news in the automation sector in general and of course with the latest Robotunits Australia developments.

We suggest that you click the orange RSS Feed button at the top right hand corner of this site. That way you will automatically know when we posted something new and you will always be up to date.

Feel free to contact us if you have finished a project using some of our components. We  would be delighted to place a short article, maybe even with pictures and video here on the blog. That way we get some exciting stories up here but whats even more exciting for you is that we can help you getting exposure to some potential customers. Its all about Networking, right.

So stay tuned for the latest news and developments on the Robotunits modular automation system with its aluminium extrusion system, fastening technology, conveyor systems, linear motion units and safety enclosures. Of course we will also write about the latest tips and tricks around those technologies as well as general tips and tricks that allow You to stay ahead of the game.

wishing you great success

Jurgen Mennel

Robotunits Australia