At your service: The Robotunits Modular Automation System

The Robotunits Modular Automation System is designed to support and facilitate our customers’ individuality. The goal behind the modularity of the system is to let the products take over as many routine tasks as possible, therefore allowing the engineer to use his energy to create an ideal solution tailored to more specific technical circumstances.

At Robotunits, you will discover a world class range of great products. We always try to offer a maximum of possibilities with a minimum of multifunctional parts. Why do we do that? Because we think lean and are convinced that standardized and compatible parts – all from a single source – make the difference in today’s industrial production and machine building.

The highlights of Robotunits products are: The just-in-time belt conveyor system, the easily constructed safety fence system, the custom-made linear motion system, the smart aluminum extrusion technology, the strong fastening technology and the multifunctional accessories. Soon, new modular products will be added to our system.

Our existing customers already know that the Robotunits mindset does not end at the product range. Our philosophy is to guarantee not only the best quality products, but also stand for uncompromising customer service and fastest delivery times. Always.

Aluminium Extrusion Australia

At the base of our modular automation system is of course our unique aluminium extrusion technology. All Robotunits aluminium extrusions have a 14mm wide as well as 14mm deep t-slot. This is very different from just about every other aluminium extrusion offered in australia or indeed the world. Generally, most companies offer extrusions with a 8mm or 10mm wide slot with varying depths. All of those have significant disadvantages which only Robotunits extrusions with it’s 14mm t-slot overcomes.

The main advantages of the unique 14mm t-slot are

1) T-nuts can be inserted into the t-sots at anyone point rather than having to slide them in from the side. Even with this feature Robotunits aluminium extrusion and connection technology is the strongest by far anywhere found.

2) Larger screws can be used for connectors leading to more strength. We use 8 mm bolts as a standard  with twist in t-nuts and 10 mm bolts on slide in nuts.

3) The deep t-slot allows for maximum screw engagement into the t-nut. The standard of engagement of a steel bolt into a steel nut must be a ratio of 1:1 to be considered a secure connection. With the 14mm deep t-slot this is easily achieved with Robotunits technology, however almost no other aluminium extrusion provider can offer this.

4) The extra wide and deep t-slot also allowed us to design a connection technology which does not require drilling or milling of the extrusion making it significantly faster when working with Robotunits aluminium extrusions.

5) All those features combined end up saving our customer significant time when assembling and at the same time offer the strongest possible solutions.

Aluminium Extrusion Australia





Please leave your questions and comments below if you want to know more. If you have worked with aluminium extrusions before (Robotunits or any other Brand)  we would love to hear how that has worked for you.

New Generation Robot Cells

To succeed in today’s flexible automation, Delta Robots are indispensable these days for certain applications. Accuracy combined with high speed increase productivity and are therefore essential for successful companies.

Robotunits is setting new standards in the area of robot cells with their patented aluminium extrusion and connection technology. This technology guarantees lifelong vibration-proof connections and overall cell strengths comparable to welded steel frames. All this combined with the ability to easily add doors and other components to the frame make a very efficient alternative to the traditionally welded frames.


This application shows a Spider Robot with an additional camera for accurate orientation and positioning of parts. This robot frame is entirely built with standard components of the Robotunits Modular Automation System. The form-located and therefore vibration-proof connection technology in conjunction with the patented aluminium extrusion technology guarantees life-long strength and precision. Users of these robot cells additionally benefit from significantly shorter manufacturing times of the cells as well as easy integration of conveying technology in and out of the cell.


Watch the VIDEO here

Stronger, Faster and more Flexibility

Traditional steel welded cells are inflexible and require a high number of manufacturing processes. Changes and additions to cells are ineffective and expensive. By using a Robotunits Cell however, you are reducing your manufacturing time and increase your flexibility considerably.

Facts and Benefits of a Robotunits Robot Cell:

  • Vibration proof frame construction comparable in strength to a welded steel construction
  • Easy integration of components (safety switches, cameras etc)
  • Changes and additions to cells are easy and cost effective
  • Modern aesthetics through aluminum extrusion technology
  • Reduced lead time of frames
  • Modular design allows faster delivery
  • Combination with the entire modular automation system from Robotunits without the need of expensive interface components 
  • Seamless integration of Robotunits Conveyor technology 

Audi R8 Spyder No Match For The Robotunits Connection Technology

Standard Robotunits Connectors have substantial reserves built in.

A single standard Robotunits connector is holding an Audi R8 Spyder.  The Robotunits connector would be able to hold at least twice the weight. The breaking point of the connector is at well over 4000kg! The suspended sports-car was one of the highlights at the Automatica Tradeshow in Munich. Robotunits who has a production facility in Australia was able to showcase the strength of their patented connection technology.

Robotunits Audi R8 Spyder suspended by a single connector!

Automatica is one of the most important trade shows in the automation and mechanical engineering field and the exhibition was very successful for Robotunits.

Robotunits Australia GM Jurgen Mennel said “ We are feeling renewed optimism in die engineering field at the moment. Customers are looking for reliable partners who can deliver innovative and high quality solutions”

Robotunits connection technology, comparable strength to welded constructions.

The one of a kind Robotunits connection technology offers a completely play-free, form-locating, vibration-proof and self-aligning connection of Aluminium Extrusions. With this technology connection strengths comparable to welded constructions are achieved. This connector is designed with the Robotunits philosophy “more with less” in mind. This means that the same basic fastener element is used for all possible connections between 50×50, 50×100 or 100×100 aluminium profiles. The standardization of all Robotunits components allows enormous savings in all stages of the engineering starting from the design stage to the onsite installation stage.

University Test confirm Strength

Tests at different Universities have all confirmed that Robotunits connections of 50×50 Extrusions exceed breaking strengths of over 4000kg and are also 100% secure to vibration. The tests have all used a standard connector, which consists of a standard connector plate as well as M10 and two M8 Bolts. These tests have shown that the Robotunits connectors are perfectly balanced in design. This results in extreme strength characteristics, which are only possible with the patented Robotunits extrusion and connection technology.

Robotunits Connection Technology Facts

–       breaking strength greater then 4000kg

–       vibration proof and form-locating connections

–       large uniform T-slots at 14mm

–       replacement of steel constructions possible

–       no drilling or milling of extrusions