Belt Conveyor Safety

When installing a conveyor in your manufacturing environment it is of course of utmost importance to make sure that the belt conveyor safety is considered in every possible way. This includes the safety standards the conveyor was built to but also includes the way it is installed onsite. After all, even a belt conveyor built to the highest standards and adhering to all the relevant safety standards can be installed onsite in a way that creates unsafe situations. These can lead to injury or worse and of course need to be avoided at all cost.

Manufacturing Standards regarding Belt Conveyor Safety

Here at Robotunits we can only control the manufacture of the conveyor itself. We do this by designing and building all our conveyors according to a number of European as well as International Standards. All of these standards are listed in the operating instructions, which we ship with every conveyor. Please make sure you read the manual from front to back and consider all aspects of the Belt Conveyor Safety.

Onsite Installation Standards regarding Belt Conveyor Safety

We want to make sure you consider all the belt conveyor safety issues that may arise when installing the belt conveyor. Belt Conveyor Safety once the unit is in operation also need to be considered. We do recommend installing your belt conveyor according to the Australian Standard “AS 1755 – 2000 Conveyors – Safety Requirements” and all other as well as newer Safety Standards that may apply at the place of installation. Again we ask you to thoroughly read the Belt Conveyor Operating Instructions. You can download them here. The operating instructions do not only list the specific standards each belt conveyor has been built to but also outline the following safety tips and considerations in relation to

–       Intended use

–       Improper use

–       Normal operation

–       Electrical safety advice

–       Mechanical safety advice

–       Cleaning advice

–       Transport advice

We do recommend you conduct a Risk Assessment once the conveyor has been installed. This will reduce the likelihood of incidents and injuries even further and will reduce the likelihood of prosecution in the unlikely event of an incident. It will also lead to more efficient business processes, which will ultimately increase your bottom line.


We wrote this post as a guide to get you started when considering Belt Conveyor Safety. It is my no means comprehensive and is not intended as a legal document. You MUST conduct your own research and make sure you get legal as well as technical advice when installing belt conveyors. The correct installation according to all relevant laws is your responsibility.

Belt Conveyor Safety Guard

New Belt Conveyor Safety Guard installed on Robotunits Conveyors.

Industrial Linear Motion System

Our Industrial Linear Motion System has long been a star performer as a standalone product and many customers appreciate the advantages the Robotunits Linear Motion System brings. Where the Robotunits Industrial Linear Motion Systems stand out from all other offerings on the market is the easy integration into existing assemblies. This will save the user an excodinarry amount of time in design and assembly and of course will boil down to outstanding cost savings overall.

Robotunits Industrial Linear Motion Systems come as a standard based on our 50 x 100 or 100 x 100mm Aluminium Extrusion. They can also be build with other extrusions from our system 50 ranges like the 100 x 200 mm extrusion for example. The hardened guiderails are inserted into our standard aluminium extrusions and they align themselves to one datum edge to assure the highest accuracy.  The sliding plate is also a standard extrusion from the Robotunits range of Aluminium Extrusions, measuring 200mm x 25mm.  They are also comprising the standard Robotunits T-Slots making it easy to add standard components even to the sliding part of the Industrial Linear Motion System.

Bearings and rollers are all designed to withstand high loads. Standard units are rated at 3000 Newtons of payload in radial as well as axial direction. Higher loads are possible with special designs. The guide rollers are also mounted on adjustable eccentric bolts making it very easy to adjust the play or accuracy of the unit. The system is driven via a steel reinforced T8 timingbelt. This makes high acceleration and deceleration possible.

Because all industrial linear motion systems are designed based on our standard aluminium extrusion system they fit perfectly into the Robotunits Modular Automation System. The below picture is a perfect example of this. A customer needed to build an enclosed  X-Y-Z Gantry System over a roller conveyor. As you can see the complete solution was built with the Robotunits Modular Automation System. This has reduced the design, build and assembly times to a bare minimum. The customer had this solution up and running in a very short amount of time, saving him thousands of dollars compared to a traditionally build system.

If you do have a project where a industrial linear motion system is needed or indeed a complete X-Y-Z Gantry System then please call us on 03 9334 5182. We are eager to help you design a solution that will not only save you time and money but will also look great once installed.

This X-Y- Z Gantry System uses Robotunits Industrial Linear Motion Systems which integrate perfectly with the rest of the Robotunits Modular Automation System

This X-Y- Z Gantry System uses Robotunits Industrial Linear Motion Systems which integrate perfectly with the rest of the Robotunits Modular Automation System

Britax Conveyor Production Line Upgrade

The production line for Britax Childcare, Australia’s leading supplier of child restraints and strollers was recently upgraded by Robotunits in an effort to increase its production efficiency.

An improvement of the production line in Britax Childcare Ltd was recently carried out to increase the line’s throughput and ultimately improve the company’s production efficiency. The upgrade was meant to facilitate the elimination of manually-handled tasked, thus reducing the health and safety risks they presented. The project would also result in more production on the line, with more units produced each day and reduced labor costs.

Britax Childcare is the umbrella body for Australia’s two leading nursery brands, Safe-n-Sound and Steelcraft. Safe-n-Sound is a world-renown designer and manufacturer of child restraints, while Steelcraft has been manufacturing prams and strollers since its establishment in the 1940s. Britax Childcare is largely involved in supplying nursery products and travel systems that include infant carriers and other accessories.

As part of the project plan, Britax sent out requests to several suppliers to identify the most suited for the project. Robotunits was chosen, being the only supplier that delivered a complex solution to the request on time, taking only eight days from the time they received the request to when they delivered the finished solution. Most of the other suppliers that received requests could not even produce price quotes for the project within the time given.

A large majority of companies that engage the services of Robotunits usually do so because their manufacturing output is slow. A second group that engages Robotunits’ services is companies with old machinery or companies whose manufacturing processes involve a lot of manual work, presenting many health and safety problems. A third group is companies whose machinery is unreliable, which results in expensive company downtime.

In addition to the quick turnaround time by Robotunits, the quality of the final product was excellent. One of Britax Childcare’s production engineers, Manish Goregaonkar, described the advice provided by personnel from Robotunits as very professional and exceptional. He added that the on-site services provided by the staff were outstanding.

When asked concerning the speed with which the finished product was delivered, Goregaonkar said, “Given the extremely short amount of time taken from concept to delivery, the value for money was outstanding.”

You can find out more about Britax Child care here. If we can help you with any production line upgrades or other conveying related questions please call us on 03 9334 5182. Our friendly staff is here to help with any questions you may have.

Curved Modular Conveyor

This curved modular conveyor from Robotunits was part of the manufacturing line upgrade at Britax Childcare.

Industrial Safety Fencing Australia

Health and Safety is becoming an ever more important thing to consider in the Australian manufacturing environment. An obvious solution to keep dangerous machinery and staff separated is industrial safety fencing, which we build here in Australia.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to industrial safety fencing.

1)   Does it comply with the Australian standard for industrial safety fencing? There are a few standards to consider. Most notably AS4024-1-1996 “Safeguarding of Machinery – General principles” and AS2939-1987 “Industrial Robot Systems – Safe design and usage”. All Robotunits safety fencing panels comply with this standard. However, the correct installation onsite is also to be considered. For example, if an individual safety fencing panel supplied by Robotunits complies with the standard but it is installed to close to the hazard area it could still be deemed none-compliant. The message there is that all industrial safety fencing needs to be build to the appropriate Australian Standard and must also be installed to the relevant Standard. Please call us if you have specific questions in this regard.

2)   How easy it the onsite installation? All Robotunits industrial safety fence panels are pre built here in our Melbourne workshop. They are delivered in two parts. The first one being the actual safety fence panel, the second part is the bolt down foot. What this means for the installer is that the bolt down foot can be installed without having to deal with the often large and cumbersome fence panel. Once the foot is dynabolted to the ground our industrial safety fence panels slot securely into the foot. This means that one person can install a Robotunits industrial safety fence solution. This is often a very large cost saving and makes it another great reason to use Robotunits Safety Fence Panels.

3)   General Construction of Robotunits Industrial Safety Fence Panels. We have a standard range of safety fence panels. They are 2000mm high and come in a range of different standard width from 160mm width to 2000mm width. No additional pillars are needed between the individual panels. The standard infill is 40mm x 40mm woven mesh which is secured into our aluminium extrusions with a patented clip. The standard color of the industrial safety fence panels is silver. All posts are anodized aluminium and the mesh infill is galvanised steel.

4)   Special Industrial Safety Fence Panels. Here at Robotunits we offer customised safety fence panels outside of the standard range we stock. We offer different color options. In Australia we get often asked to supply all posts in yellow and the mesh infill in black.  A lot of people think these colors are a must to comply with the standard. This is not so but we can supply in those colors. Other customisations include different infill panels like polycarbonate or mild steel infill’s. We can also supply to different heights and width depending on your exact needs. Infeed tunnels and other considerations are also something we can help our customers with.

You can find more information on all Robotunits Industrial Safety Fencing Solutions here. So if you have a industrial safety fence application and need help with designing a compliant solution please contact us on 03 9334 5182. We are here to help you through this often tricky minefield of complying with all the relevant standards. We then design, build and supply a solution that is not only great looking but complies to all the relevant standards.

Industrial Safety Fencing Australia

Robotunits Industrial Safety Fencing safeguarding a large robot installation.

Belt Conveyor Design

There are always many factors to consider when implementing a conveyor in a production environment. Every belt conveyor design greatly depends on those specific factors.

Here are just some of the things that need to be considered when designing a belt conveyor for your production site.

Materials Transported. Are the goods that are to be conveyed packaged or loose and are they clean or dirty? What is the weight and size of the goods? Obviously these factors alone greatly impact the belt conveyor design.

Workflow Considerations. At what speed do the goods need to be travelling along the conveyor belt? Will the goods be travelling directly across the conveyor or do they need to be accumulated on the conveyor? These are only very basic workflow considerations and there are many more questions to ask in this regard but again, the belt conveyor design greatly depends on the answers to these questions.

Environmental Considerations. Is the conveyor inside a factory or is it outside? Does it need to be operating in a washdown environment as often required in the food industry? Will the conveyor be operated in a particular hot or cold environment? A cooling facility perhaps? Or how about space? Are there restrictions in regards to the factory floorspace you have available? There are many environmental factors which may affect the belt conveyor design.

A good belt conveyor design starts at evaluating all those and more factors. Here at Robotunits we specialise in understanding our customers exact needs. We ask all the hard questions long before we even attempt to offer a solution. This sound really obvious but unfortunately in today’s market place this doesn’t seem to be the norm any more.

If you are considering of implementing a belt conveyor at your workplace make sure to call us. We will make the process really easy for you all though we will have to talk about all the above considerations.

Belt Conveyor Design

Aluminium Extrusion Australia

At the base of our modular automation system is of course our unique aluminium extrusion technology. All Robotunits aluminium extrusions have a 14mm wide as well as 14mm deep t-slot. This is very different from just about every other aluminium extrusion offered in australia or indeed the world. Generally, most companies offer extrusions with a 8mm or 10mm wide slot with varying depths. All of those have significant disadvantages which only Robotunits extrusions with it’s 14mm t-slot overcomes.

The main advantages of the unique 14mm t-slot are

1) T-nuts can be inserted into the t-sots at anyone point rather than having to slide them in from the side. Even with this feature Robotunits aluminium extrusion and connection technology is the strongest by far anywhere found.

2) Larger screws can be used for connectors leading to more strength. We use 8 mm bolts as a standard  with twist in t-nuts and 10 mm bolts on slide in nuts.

3) The deep t-slot allows for maximum screw engagement into the t-nut. The standard of engagement of a steel bolt into a steel nut must be a ratio of 1:1 to be considered a secure connection. With the 14mm deep t-slot this is easily achieved with Robotunits technology, however almost no other aluminium extrusion provider can offer this.

4) The extra wide and deep t-slot also allowed us to design a connection technology which does not require drilling or milling of the extrusion making it significantly faster when working with Robotunits aluminium extrusions.

5) All those features combined end up saving our customer significant time when assembling and at the same time offer the strongest possible solutions.

Aluminium Extrusion Australia





Please leave your questions and comments below if you want to know more. If you have worked with aluminium extrusions before (Robotunits or any other Brand)  we would love to hear how that has worked for you.

Belt Conveyor Handbook pdf

It is important to install and operate conveyors in a way that guarantees safety for the personnel installing them and also operators who work around these conveyors. Belt conveyors are often underestimated and forgotten when it comes to safety and maintenance. They are often more complex then first thought. Unfortunately, a lot of conveyor manufacturers do not supply them with the appropriate documentation or belt conveyor handbook pdf or printed version.Often, end users install or operate the conveyors incorrectly and often forget to maintain them in the appropriate way. All this can lead to serious safety issues, expensive manufacturing downtimes and also reduce the lifespan of the conveyor units.For this reason Robotunits belt conveyors are always delivered with a Belt Conveyor Handbook. Each Handbook is a printed booklet, but can also be supplied as a pdf version. These manuals are written in four languages namely English, German, Italian and French. They contain the following information

1)   Serial Number and Type of Belt Conveyor. Individual manufacturing details are stored on our servers. In case of a very rare breakdown we can quickly retrieve the specific details and organise replacement parts straight away minimising expensive downtimes.

2)   Safety Information. Applied manufacturing conformance standards are detailed in the Belt Conveyor Handbook pdf and printed version. Other important safety information in relation to the mechanical and electrical design are also specified. Safety considerations when cleaning the conveyors are also included.

3)   Transport and Assembly Instructions. Belt Conveyors need to be handled with care at all times even before they are operated.

4)   Operating Instructions. The Belt Conveyor Handbook pdf details all operating instructions, specifically the tracking instructions to make sure the belts track properly and don’t run off to one side.

5)   Maintenance Schedule. Maintenance is an important part of any equipment used in a manufacturing environment. Belt conveyors are no exception. Maintenance intervals of bearings, conveyor belt, timing belt and electrical components are specified in the operating instructions.

6)   Declaration of Conformity. All Robotunits conveyors are built to a number of EN norms to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards. The relevant norms are detailed in this section of the handbook.

7)   Drawings. All assembly drawings for all types of conveyors offered by Robotunits are also in the handbook. This makes it easy for maintenance personnel to specify replacement parts should the need arise.

Robotunits delivers all it's conveyors with a

All our conveyors are delivered with a operating handbook. It should be kept in a place easily accesible by staff installing and operating the conveyor. Should you need a replacement handbook please let us know and we organise a new one for you either as a printed version or as a Belt Conveyor Handbook pdf version. Alternatively you can download it here.

Modular Conveyor Systems

Modular conveyor systems are a perfect solution to connect different production machinery in a cost-effective way while keeping the footprint to a bare minimum? For manufacturers looking to improve efficiencies on their production lines, integrating modular conveyors are often a low investment which lead to increased profits.

With it’s new line of modular conveyors, Robotunits offers innovative solutions which can easily be integrated with existing production machinery. Transport solutions, which cover straight lines, curves, inclines or declines are possible and are designed to exact customer requirements. With their low footprint, these modular conveyor systems are designed to save space. Minimal maintenance requirement and low energy consumption will also save costs and increase profits.

The main benefits of modular conveyor systems are low running costs and low maintenance costs. Other benefits of our modular conveyors are that they are designed and manufactured to exact customer requirements specific to the available floorspace. Orientation specific transportation of good around corners are another advantage when using these type of conveyor systems.

A modular automation system recently insta

At a recently installed project we had the challenge  to connect two production machines without interfering with productivity. Instead of a solution with three straight belt conveyors, we designed and built a single modular conveyor with a decline and a curve. The benefits of this solution were a low footprint, no belt sag and most importantly the orientation specific placement of the transported products.

New Generation Robot Cells

To succeed in today’s flexible automation, Delta Robots are indispensable these days for certain applications. Accuracy combined with high speed increase productivity and are therefore essential for successful companies.

Robotunits is setting new standards in the area of robot cells with their patented aluminium extrusion and connection technology. This technology guarantees lifelong vibration-proof connections and overall cell strengths comparable to welded steel frames. All this combined with the ability to easily add doors and other components to the frame make a very efficient alternative to the traditionally welded frames.


This application shows a Spider Robot with an additional camera for accurate orientation and positioning of parts. This robot frame is entirely built with standard components of the Robotunits Modular Automation System. The form-located and therefore vibration-proof connection technology in conjunction with the patented aluminium extrusion technology guarantees life-long strength and precision. Users of these robot cells additionally benefit from significantly shorter manufacturing times of the cells as well as easy integration of conveying technology in and out of the cell.


Watch the VIDEO here

Stronger, Faster and more Flexibility

Traditional steel welded cells are inflexible and require a high number of manufacturing processes. Changes and additions to cells are ineffective and expensive. By using a Robotunits Cell however, you are reducing your manufacturing time and increase your flexibility considerably.

Facts and Benefits of a Robotunits Robot Cell:

  • Vibration proof frame construction comparable in strength to a welded steel construction
  • Easy integration of components (safety switches, cameras etc)
  • Changes and additions to cells are easy and cost effective
  • Modern aesthetics through aluminum extrusion technology
  • Reduced lead time of frames
  • Modular design allows faster delivery
  • Combination with the entire modular automation system from Robotunits without the need of expensive interface components 
  • Seamless integration of Robotunits Conveyor technology 

Robotunits Bottling Conveyor Solution

Robotunits has recently delivered this bottle sorting conveyor solution.

The system is based on a belt conveyor as well as a modular belt conveyor from our standard range of products. The combination of conveyors with our modular automation system made it possible to deliver this solution within record time. It allowed our customer to increase production speed and ultimately increase profits.

How can we help you to increase your profits?