Belt Conveyors for high loads


Robotunits has just released the re-engineered C5N Series of Belt Conveyors, which are now suitable for high payloads of up to 150kg per meter of conveyor. These conveyors are based on the 50mm series of Robotunits aluminium extrusions, which feature a honeycomb design and are specifically designed to handle high loads. All belt conveyors are custom made to exact customer requirements. This new series of belt conveyors are based on 55mm diameter drive and idle rollers and have been designed to offer a cost effective alternative to our heavy duty C8N range of belt conveyors. As with all other conveyors offered by Robotunits, features such as width, length, belt type and motor configuration can be individually selected by the customer. All components are kept in stock and customized C5N belt conveyors can be shipped within 3 days of customer order. All belt conveyors are serial numbered for customer convenience. Just like all other conveyors offered by Robotunits C5N units are built to CE specifications. For more information please call us on 03 9334 5182

Technical Data – C5N Belt Conveyor

Roller Diameter: 55mm

Motor/Gearbox: SEW 220V/415V with worm gearbox

Conveyor Width: up to 600mm

Conveyor Length: up to 12meters standard

Belt Type: customized depending on material conveyed

Speed: 3 to 55m/min standard and up to 120m/min on request

Payload: up to 150kg/m