Belt Conveyor Safety

When installing a conveyor in your manufacturing environment it is of course of utmost importance to make sure that the belt conveyor safety is considered in every possible way. This includes the safety standards the conveyor was built to but also includes the way it is installed onsite. After all, even a belt conveyor built to the highest standards and adhering to all the relevant safety standards can be installed onsite in a way that creates unsafe situations. These can lead to injury or worse and of course need to be avoided at all cost.

Manufacturing Standards regarding Belt Conveyor Safety

Here at Robotunits we can only control the manufacture of the conveyor itself. We do this by designing and building all our conveyors according to a number of European as well as International Standards. All of these standards are listed in the operating instructions, which we ship with every conveyor. Please make sure you read the manual from front to back and consider all aspects of the Belt Conveyor Safety.

Onsite Installation Standards regarding Belt Conveyor Safety

We want to make sure you consider all the belt conveyor safety issues that may arise when installing the belt conveyor. Belt Conveyor Safety once the unit is in operation also need to be considered. We do recommend installing your belt conveyor according to the Australian Standard “AS 1755 – 2000 Conveyors – Safety Requirements” and all other as well as newer Safety Standards that may apply at the place of installation. Again we ask you to thoroughly read the Belt Conveyor Operating Instructions. You can download them here. The operating instructions do not only list the specific standards each belt conveyor has been built to but also outline the following safety tips and considerations in relation to

–       Intended use

–       Improper use

–       Normal operation

–       Electrical safety advice

–       Mechanical safety advice

–       Cleaning advice

–       Transport advice

We do recommend you conduct a Risk Assessment once the conveyor has been installed. This will reduce the likelihood of incidents and injuries even further and will reduce the likelihood of prosecution in the unlikely event of an incident. It will also lead to more efficient business processes, which will ultimately increase your bottom line.


We wrote this post as a guide to get you started when considering Belt Conveyor Safety. It is my no means comprehensive and is not intended as a legal document. You MUST conduct your own research and make sure you get legal as well as technical advice when installing belt conveyors. The correct installation according to all relevant laws is your responsibility.

Belt Conveyor Safety Guard

New Belt Conveyor Safety Guard installed on Robotunits Conveyors.