Belt Conveyor Design

There are always many factors to consider when implementing a conveyor in a production environment. Every belt conveyor design greatly depends on those specific factors.

Here are just some of the things that need to be considered when designing a belt conveyor for your production site.

Materials Transported. Are the goods that are to be conveyed packaged or loose and are they clean or dirty? What is the weight and size of the goods? Obviously these factors alone greatly impact the belt conveyor design.

Workflow Considerations. At what speed do the goods need to be travelling along the conveyor belt? Will the goods be travelling directly across the conveyor or do they need to be accumulated on the conveyor? These are only very basic workflow considerations and there are many more questions to ask in this regard but again, the belt conveyor design greatly depends on the answers to these questions.

Environmental Considerations. Is the conveyor inside a factory or is it outside? Does it need to be operating in a washdown environment as often required in the food industry? Will the conveyor be operated in a particular hot or cold environment? A cooling facility perhaps? Or how about space? Are there restrictions in regards to the factory floorspace you have available? There are many environmental factors which may affect the belt conveyor design.

A good belt conveyor design starts at evaluating all those and more factors. Here at Robotunits we specialise in understanding our customers exact needs. We ask all the hard questions long before we even attempt to offer a solution. This sound really obvious but unfortunately in today’s market place this doesn’t seem to be the norm any more.

If you are considering of implementing a belt conveyor at your workplace make sure to call us. We will make the process really easy for you all though we will have to talk about all the above considerations.

Belt Conveyor Design