New Generation Robot Cells

To succeed in today’s flexible automation, Delta Robots are indispensable these days for certain applications. Accuracy combined with high speed increase productivity and are therefore essential for successful companies.

Robotunits is setting new standards in the area of robot cells with their patented aluminium extrusion and connection technology. This technology guarantees lifelong vibration-proof connections and overall cell strengths comparable to welded steel frames. All this combined with the ability to easily add doors and other components to the frame make a very efficient alternative to the traditionally welded frames.


This application shows a Spider Robot with an additional camera for accurate orientation and positioning of parts. This robot frame is entirely built with standard components of the Robotunits Modular Automation System. The form-located and therefore vibration-proof connection technology in conjunction with the patented aluminium extrusion technology guarantees life-long strength and precision. Users of these robot cells additionally benefit from significantly shorter manufacturing times of the cells as well as easy integration of conveying technology in and out of the cell.


Watch the VIDEO here

Stronger, Faster and more Flexibility

Traditional steel welded cells are inflexible and require a high number of manufacturing processes. Changes and additions to cells are ineffective and expensive. By using a Robotunits Cell however, you are reducing your manufacturing time and increase your flexibility considerably.

Facts and Benefits of a Robotunits Robot Cell:

  • Vibration proof frame construction comparable in strength to a welded steel construction
  • Easy integration of components (safety switches, cameras etc)
  • Changes and additions to cells are easy and cost effective
  • Modern aesthetics through aluminum extrusion technology
  • Reduced lead time of frames
  • Modular design allows faster delivery
  • Combination with the entire modular automation system from Robotunits without the need of expensive interface components 
  • Seamless integration of Robotunits Conveyor technology